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Swedbank is looking for Business Development Managers

Business Development Manager
Swedbank is looking for highly skilled and driven individuals to our Group Channel Management unit that want to take a leading role in transforming the banks distribution of products and services in an efficient and customer friendly way going forward.

About the job

The banking industry is going through a paradigm shift in distribution. Despite that digital solutions have been in place for many years we have only seen the beginning of the transformation that will accelerate the coming years. Customer demands for smarter and easier distribution of products and services driven by new technology and customer oriented innovations will continue to be fuel the transformation.

Swedbank Channel Strategy defines how Swedbank is going to successfully manage the paradigm shift in distribution. In order to deliver on the strategy we need Business Development Managers with a mix of experience and backgrounds to Group Channel Management. Group Channel Management is a recently established unit with the aim to lead and coordinate the implementation of the Channel Strategy across the Group.

In your role you will be responsible for one or more projects within any of our four focus areas; Channel Transformation, Processes and Tools, Channel Capacity & Efficiency or Customer Feedback. The projects and initiatives are all a part of the implementation of the Group Channel Strategy decided by the Board of Directors during 2017.

What you need to succeed

In order to be success in this position to will need to:

• Be self-motivated and addicted to deliver high quality in every aspect of your job
• Have experience from presenting complex questions and/or solutions in structured way for Snr Management people and Steering Committees
• Be able to make decisions based on a combination of intuition and facts
• Strong leadership skills - understand how to archive expected results/targets within an large organization
• Have at least 3 years experience from a local or global Management Consulting firm and acquired business experience from different industries and basic problem solving techniques to break down complex question into manageable activities

What you have worked with previously

We are looking for people with 3-10 years' experience from working as Management Consultant with successful track record. Experience from both smaller strategic projects as well as larger implementation programs are good background for the positions we are looking for.

Potential next steps in your career after this job

After joining the Channel Management Unit and successfully delivered projects within the Swedbank organization you will be a respected and coveted individual with further opportunities in most parts for the organization.

Why work with me? - Martin Lennermark

I have worked at Swedbank for 4 years in several management positions. Previous to joining Swedbank I worked at the telecom industry and I also have 6 years' experience from working as a Management Consultant. As a Manager I believe that my main role is to secure the every person in the team has to best prerequisites possible to be successful and support if that is not the case.

If you find it motivating to be in an environment where you are given a lot of responsibility, where success is celebrated and shared with others and where the solutions that we create will be visible for millions of people then this is the workplace for you! This will give you a great opportunity for both a fast personal development as well as fast carrier advancements.

Apply for this position

Swedbank is cooperating with Dfind IT in this recruitment process. In order to apply for this position, we kindly ask you to send in your application through the job posting on this link [ ].

We may begin the selection under the application period, so we welcome your application as soon as possible.

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