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Heart of Methodology & Learning Design (new job opening)

Hyper Island want to impact as many people as possible with lifelong learning skills, tools and drive to create better lives and organizations, while building a sustainable future. We are now looking for a person that can play a key role in our growth, by acting as our Heart of Methodology & Learning Design.

This position will focus on training and expanding knowledge for people working with Hyper Island's offerings, making sure that the people involved have the right skills to design and facilitate transformative experiences for Hyper Island’s clients and students.

If you are passionate about human and team development, organizational transformation, leadership, psychology and learning methodologies, this role is for you.

Role Description

The driving purpose of this role is to garden and continuously develop Hyper Island’s learning methodology, as well as to support and set up trainings for staff and our network of freelancers. You will work to build confidence and capability in Hyper Island’s methodology to ensure continued impact and relevance for our clients today and in the future.

The role is global, you might be based in Stockholm or London but will work across all Hyper Island hubs (, and you will get support with your visa application if needed.


- Curate and develop learning methodology (theory, guidelines, templates & tools) for Hyper Island’s current and future offerings.
- Train and coach staff and the network of freelancers to develop skills around learning design, facilitation, change leadership and self-leadership.
- Foster knowledge sharing around the methodology throughout the Hyper Island network.
- Support the development of new products, programs and offerings.
- Lead the development and maintenance of core learning design resources, guiding materials and packaging (e.g. design templates, delivery slides, etc.).

Experience & Competence

We want you to have...

- A deep understanding of the Hyper Island methodology ( and its core components, and/or similar methodologies.
- Experience in developing transformative learning experiences for people and organizations.
- Extensive experience from UGL ( or similar group development theories and tools.
- A proven track record of running successful change or transformation programs for big and small organisations.
- An understanding of digital technologies/tools and their impact on society and organisations.
- Extensive experience in facilitating learning experiences.
- Natural leadership with a strong ability to inspire and empower others.
- Strong interpersonal skills and resilience to continuously learn and grow.
- Preferable experience and education within any or several of following areas: coaching, psychology, education, organizational development, neuroscience and/or human development.
- Fluent in English.
- Demonstrated skills building infrastructure and well functioning processes.

Skills & Behaviours

You are…

- Passionate about learning and curious about methods and theories to support learning and development.
- Curious about technology, and how it can be used to create transformative learning experiences.
- Interested in people and their development.
- Someone who loves leading flexible, freelance and remote teams, a natural role model that enjoys building cultures that are brave, innovative and responsive.
- An excellent communicator that naturally inspires people.

Hyper Island’s Methodology

Hyper Island’s methodology is a constantly evolving set of theory, models and practical tools for lifelong learning, human development and organizational evolution. It is organized into 6 key areas: Collaboration & Culture; Leadership; Learning Design & Facilitation; Innovation & Creativity; Organizational Development; and Change Management. In all areas, we strive to find and apply research and tools that are evidence-based, human-centric, and progress-oriented. In the spirit of lifelong learning, we work to continuously update the methodology with new perspectives, data and ideas.

For questions regarding this position please contact Maria Eriksson at or +46704555902

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